Finland-East Africa Forum

Re-imagining Education

Promoting co-creation of future-oriented solutions, innovative learning approaches, teacher development,

student and teacher well-being, and the economical growth of collaborating societies


East Africa faces unique challenges in its education structures due to rapid population growth. Approximately 42 million children of primary and secondary school age are not enrolled in school. 34% of these are in Eastern Africa. The main factors include poverty, handicap, pregnancies and early marriages.

Many East African countries struggle to provide quality education. Overcrowded classrooms, insufficient resources, and inadequately trained teachers hinder the delivery of effective learning experiences. Inclusive education practices are often lacking. Children with disabilities and from marginalised communities, have often not had equal access to education.

The pressing need for sustainability education to address environmental and social challenges is often unmet, hindering the region's ability to develop responsibly and sustainably. This is highlighted by the lack of skills and resources to provide effective instruction within learning environments.

Furthermore, access to digital technology and internet connectivity is limited in many areas, creating a digital divide that cuts off students from global competitiveness. Communities also lack engagement with the education centres, which can lead to a disconnect between schools and local needs.

Percentages of out-of-school children & youth in Africa

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Improving the barriers to educational development will come as a result of combined efforts to combat unsustainable frameworks. Finland as a global leader in education provides immense opportunities for East African educators.

Leveraging this strength and incorporating East Africa's rich cultural context, a collaborative platform will facilitate research and knowledge exchange, collaborative teacher development trainings and innovative learning development approaches, and the construction of inclusive learning models that are inspired from the diverse cultural aspects of East Africa, topped with Finnish cultural and sustainable input.

The forum will also facilitate the exchange of best practices in digital literacy education from Finland. This includes incorporating digital tools and resources into curriculums, training teachers in digital teaching methods, and providing access to technology in underserved areas.

Initiatives focused on reducing dropout rates will be established, such as mentorship programs, community engagement to address socioeconomic factors, and support systems for at-risk students to keep them engaged in learning. Our commitment to sustainability education will guide the integration of environmental and social responsibility into curriculums, creating a generation of students who are environmentally conscious and socially responsible. This forum aims to ensure alignment of all institutions of higher education that we collaborate with, with the needs of both the job market and society; to promote the relevance of education.

how we

achieve our goals

We create inclusive learning methods, focused at empowering youth with globally competent skills. We also promote gender equality in every project

We foster research collaborations between Finnish and East African educational institutions to identify best practices and innovative solutions for re-imagining education

We ensure technology Integration and development of Digital Literacy Programs in universities and schools

We've also established online platforms for ongoing knowledge sharing, resource access, and collaboration among education stakeholders, companies and leaders that are part of the forum

We advocate for policy changes and investments in education at local and national levels to create an enabling environment for sustainable educational practices

We facilitate student and teacher exchanges between Finland and East Africa to promote cultural understanding, global perspectives, and knowledge sharing

We offer training and Empowering of East African leaders and educators to overcome hindrances to education,

for millions of children and youth in East Africa

We integrate sustainability education into the university curriculums, fostering environmental awareness, responsible citizenship, and sustainable practices.

We also continuously assess the impact of our initiatives, gathering feedback from students, educators, and communities to adapt and improve programs


Ensuring Continuous learning and positive impact; Continuous research and solution based innovations

We're looking to partner with:

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  • Research organisations
  • Companies
  • Municipalities




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